Monday, 2 January 2017


Lets be that classic blogger and talk about my new years goals/resolutions because who doesn't love a post rambling on about them?
I would do them in categories but because there are only like one or a couple in each category, it'd be a bit pointless and I think it would just look better numbered so here we go.

1) Get the apprenticeship of my choice (accountant)
Okay this probably sounds quite simple for some people but it, in some ways is like getting a job. You have to go through most of the same steps in order to get that apprenticeship, especially the one I am looking to apply for.

2) Travel and experience a bit more
I love change, I love visiting new places and seeing new scenes. However I don't travel much due to not having a job or an apprenticeship but after july, i'm hoping to maybe go down to London because that's one place i've always wanted to visit. I visited once in year 6 but because it was a school trip, we had strict places to go like a tour and I kind of took it for granted but this time I wouldn't.

3) Stick with blogging
Throughout last year I was on and off with blogging because I just didn't have the time or I was stuck with writers block. This year it is going to change, this year it will be different, this year I will stick to blogging.

4) Achieve 5000 page views on my blog
At the minute I am nearly at 2500 page views so if I achieve my above goal for this year then there is a big chance I will achieve 5000.

5) Nap less, sleep more
This is something I really need to improve because at the moment, I tend to be having one-two hour naps throughout the day but then when it comes to night, I am wide awake. Oh I do wonder why.

So there are my 2017 goals, hopefully through one way or another I will achieve these.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Top 5 christmas movies

1) The Grinch
I love this movie because its a classic, how the Grinch tries to ruin Christmas but no matter what, the who's have a backup and doesn't let the Grinch ruin their Christmas. Talk about Christmas spirit! At the end he sees that he should celebrate Christmas and everything works out in his favour. That's the reason I love this film because it all changes and in a way its one of those 'happily ever after' movies.

2) Polar Express
This movie is one that most people haven't seen (well the people who I've talked to anyway) and I really don't know why! It is such a great christmas movie, people just tend to overlook it which is disappointing. It's about this boy who doesn't believe in santa but when he is ready to go to sleep, his room starts shaking and outside his house. Behold is a magical train which takes him to north pole, but with this journey comes some new friends and some decisions. I just adore everything about this film because it takes in the true meaning of christmas.

3) Elf
Here we have the one film everyone thinks about when someone says 'christmas movie', the one movie where the gifs become relatable and the one film where it's truly magical. All taken place between New York and the North Pole, there's one elf who doesn't fit in so he goes on a trip to New York to find out who his dad doesn't all go as planned but works out in the end. It's crazy how most christmas movies tend to work out as planned in the end, real crazy.

4) All of the home alone movies
All of them.. yes, you read that correctly. I love them all even the one where it isn't Macaulay Culkin playing the little boy, that one was a strange one for me to watch because of that reason but I have learned to love it as much as the other ones. Most of the home alone movies happen where kevin either gets left home alone...hence the title or he will somehow end up in a different location to where his family is. It's truly iconic when you hear the mum scream kevin!

5) Fred Claus
This Christmas movie is a new one for me this year as I only ended up watching it this year. This year, fred claus was that one Christmas movie that was on repeat constantly on sky, talk about annoying. However that is how I learned to love it so.. Its starts off where the boy (fred) becomes a big brother when he is young, he gets overlooked and gets no attention with being the oldest. This grows in him to hate everything about Christmas until the one day when he ends up needing help and his younger brother (who is saint Nicholas) ends up being the one who saves the day, hooray! The bond between them changes as he, once again is taken on a journey to the North Pole. Again, one of those Christmas movies that magically works out in everyone's favour.

I could go on and on with more of my favourite Christmas movies but they are my top five and I hope you enjoyed this post and hope you had a good Christmas.

Monday, 21 November 2016


Today I bring you my top five autumn/winter fashion staples because we are soon moving into winter and it just happens to be cold 24/7 in England, oh how I hate the English weather. So because of that reason I thought it would be a good idea to do this post as I get to share with you my favourite fashion items to brave you for this horrible weather.

1) My first is my scarf. Since I got this scarf, I have happened to wear it quite a lot because its black and white so it goes with everything + it is just so warm and cosy. It was only £4?!?! From Primark.

2) Secondly is my black pompom hat. Again this is from primark because they seem to be stepping it up a notch for winter, I love it. This hat is great for when you have to go out in the rain or at night but it happens to be freezing. The hat was £4 as it has fur inside too.

3) My coat, my saviour. This coat is perfect for them cold days because 1) its black so again it goes with everything.. but thinking of it now..i didn't realise everything in this is black.. oops. Also it has an actual hood compared to them padded coats where it tends to be the fold in hood and lastly it has fur inside.. what's not to love about fur that doesn't shred?!?! The only downside to this coat is that the outside of it does get fur easily onto it, e.g: dog fur. This coat is from H&M and was £30 or £40.

4) Fourthly is my cozy leggings.. once again from primark.. not really a shock there. Their winter range is just too good this year. These leggings are so warm, if you don't already know then the reason they're called 'cozy leggings' is because they have a fur lining inside. I like wearing these by themselves with my knee high boots or under jeans for them snow days. These were £6.

5) Last but not least are my knee high boots. They are so nice just to throw on with any outfit because suddenly.. it looks like you've spent ages on your outfit when in reality it was a five minute decision. These have a low heel as I wanted them for casual and everyday use. I also love these boots because they have the tie up behind the leg, some other over the knee boots tend to not have the string so they end up falling down but these don't. These were a sort of  'treat yourself' splurge as they were £40 from missguided.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Whats in my makeup bag?

Hi guys! I thought I'd write a 'whats in my makeup bag?' as I feel like more beauty related blog posts should appear on my blog. So yeah, today I bring you this.

I have the zoella lace collar purse as my makeup bag because its the perfect size for my products that I use to touch up with and as a bonus, its pretty too. I got it for £6 from Superdrug because they had a 3 for 2 offer on zoella things. I just adore all her ranges especially her new gingerbread Christmas range.

In my makeup bag, first I have the collection lasting perfection 24 hour concealer and I have it in the shade '1 fair' because unfortunately I'm as pale as a ghost. Next I have the nyx butter gloss in 'fortune cookie' and I keep this in my makeup bag because its the perfect nude gloss, it goes with everything and to touch up with throughout the day. The next two things I have are my two mascaras that I keep with me, these are the rollerlash mascara by benefit (but the sample version so its smaller to fit in) and the Maybelline lash sensational but the waterproof version. I keep two mascaras with me instead of one because the lash sensational does not achieve its full potential by itself, I find it clumps up my lashes, I have to use it with roller lash.

Also in my makup bag I keep the Rimmel stay matte powder in 001 transparent because its good to keep it in there to touch up throughout the day as my skin tends to get quite oily. I also keep two real techniques brushes in from the core collection, one is the contour brush and the other is the buffing brush. I use the contour brush for concealer and the buffing brush for powder.

I also keep my Rimmel brow this way in 004 clear and Maybelline dr rescue in too cool with me but they wouldn't fit into my makeup bag.

That is everything I keep in my makeup bag, hope you enjoyed this post.

Friday, 4 November 2016

mini Q&A || a variety

Hello, so today I bring you a mini q&a, I say mini because I only ended up getting 7 questions, the good side to that is that it's gonna be a short & sweet blog post. I asked for questions over on my twitter.

Okay so question one that I got asked by soph is 'favourite youtuber?', this is such a hard question for me to answer as I like to watch a variety of youtubers, my sub box tends to be full 24/7. The youtubers that I am subscribed to vary in content but if I had to pick just one it would probably be Joe sugg as his videos are hilarious. They're the sort of videos that you would put on if you're feeling down because some of them would make you cry of laughter.

The next question I got was also from Soph and this was 'favourite song/album/band at the moment?', I am guessing she wants me to name my favourite of each? So my favourite song at the minute would be 'rockabye' by Clean bandit ft sean paul and anne-marie. My favourite album would probably be 'Blue Neighbourhood' by Troye Sivan, I know this album is a tiny bit old but I still love all the songs in the album and my favourite band would be little mix by far! I just adore all their songs including their new one. I'll just add favourite singer on the end of that as it'd make sense, my favourite singer has to be Justin Bieber as his songs are wicked, they just get you in a good mood.

Thirdly this question was also asked by Soph and this was 'Any recommended tv series?', this question is so easy to me because I'd recommend pretty little liars as I have been hooked to this series and I am dying for more to come out although I am gutted that it finishes in 2017. Another tv series on Netflix that I would 100% recommend would be Scream the tv series, its just brilliant, that's one word I can use to describe it, once again I am waiting for season 3 as it is being renewed.

The fourth question I received by Tom is 'favourite food?', my answer to this is pizza. The answer is always pizza. Pizza is just such a good food, like thank you to whoever created pizza, thank you to Italy for this marvellous creation.

Next question is from Lou and its 'got any drugstore makeup recommendations?' and yes, yes I do. I love drugstore makeup because 1) its cheaper and 2) makeup items from places like Superdrug and Boots hold some of the best dupes for high end products. My drugstore makeup recommendations are the nyx matte liquid lipsticks, they are just brilliant. Another drugstore makeup recommendation from me is the collection perfection long lasting 24 hour concealer because it has such good coverage like it's so good for covering those imperfections, and for only around £4, it's such a good product for how cheap it is. However I have heard things on how it can crease when using it under the eyes. I have had no faults with it though.

Another question from Simran I got was 'favourite book?' and I have two favourite books which are the girl online books by Zoe sugg (zoella), I haven't read them again in quite a bit but I just love them and I definitely cant wait until the new book 'girl online goes solo' comes out this month? I think. My next favourite book is 'all the bright places', I read this book in one go because it was one of them books that had you hooked from the start. If you loved tfios (The fault in our stars), you would love All the bright places.

The last question I got was 'favourite occasion?', this was also asked by Simran. My favourite occasion has to be Christmas! I just love everything about it, the build up to Christmas, the decorating and the food. I cant lie, I also love the presents. However my family doesn't really do much for Christmas and we don't really see much other family over the xmas season so I just like everything else.

This was all for my Q&A, I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing and answering them!

Sunday, 2 October 2016


I thought of doing this post because personally I've never had a beauty advent calendar before so I thought it'd be useful to research but also share them with you guys. This should give you an idea on what sort of advent calendars are out there this year.

1) Tanya Burr 12 Day Beauty Calendar
Last year Tanya Burr brought out an advent calendar but unfortunately it sold out fast online and I could never find it in any shops but this year she has brought out another one, this time I am planning on getting my hands on one. The packaging of it looks so cute and wintery, ah, i love it.

Price- Currently on offer for £15 instead of £25
Where?- Superdrug

2) Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar
Every year, I think, makeup revolution never fail to bring out a fabulous advent calendar, this year's looks so good, inside you get a range of makeup revolution makeup products. I think it also includes some makeup brushes! How good does that sound??
Price- Currently on offer for £30 instead of £40
Where?  Superdrug

3) Benefit girl o'clock rock
I really like the look of this advent calendar as it gives you mini versions of some benefit products, which I think is really good considering it would probably cost you  a good £5 for each of these mini's. The only downside being it is only a 12 door advent calendar, boo.
Price- £34.50
Where? Benefit website

4) Technic 12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar
I feel like this advent calendar is more suited to younger children or just younger teenagers as it includes some lip glosses and blushers. Although the packaging does scream younger kids to me. I have come to realise that in beauty advent calendars, most are just 12 day ones, that leaves you to open a door every two days leading up to christmas. Anyway getting back to this, sorry, you also get some lipstick and many other of their products.
Price- On offer at for £8 instead of £16
Where? Superdrug, however you can get it at more places like

5) NO7 Advent Calendar
This advent calendar has so much to offer for its money! I have always loved NO7 and apparently a lot of other people do too as this advent calendar always has been so popular, it has been so popular that some shops let you get an email for when it first comes in stock as it sells out so fast! This advent calendar has a little bit of everything including makeup, bath&body stuff which is always good when it is a cold winter day and even some accessories, who cant love this?!? Also the packaging is to die for.
Price- £39
Where? Boots but it hasnt come out yet

6) Charlotte Tilbury Advent Calendar
I have always only heard of good things from people who have bought any Charlotte Tilbury things, the most raved about things from there are her lipsticks. Though i havent caved in and bought anything from there yet because the products are ridiculously expensive for what they are! But i guess you pay for the quality, right? The advent calendar isn't that cheap either, infact I think it could possibly be one of the most expensive beauty & skincare advent calendars out there! Again only getting 12 doors.
Price- £150

7) Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar
I feel like this would be such a good advent calendar to buy as it contains products from a variety of different brands, e.g: nars and bobbi brown. Again because of the brands that are inside, it is expensive but this is one advent calendar I feel like would be worth it, however I am not going to splurge on this soon.
Price- £149

Now for some advent calendars that arent technically beauty but they can be classed as health? So really they can still fall into that category.

8) Ciate mini mani month 2016
I have never bought a ciate advent calendar, there is not really a reason to it but I know someone who has and they loved it! It is perfect for people who love to paint their nails as you have a new nail varnish to open every day. The good thing about this advent calendar?? It has more than 12 doors! Hurray!
Price- £50
Where? Asos but I think you can buy it from other shops & websites too.

9) The body shop 24 days of happiness (3 advent calendars)
I love the body shop, I always have done, their scents are like heaven (not as much as lush but still), especially their christmas scents. This year they have 3 advent calendars which are 24 days of happiness, 24 days of happiness deluxe, 24 happy days ultimate. They all have different prices because the worth of them goes up as the prices do.
Price- £60

Price- £80

Price- £99

10) Bomb cosmetics advent calendar
I have always loved soaps and bath bombs, lush is always my go to but I do love bomb cosmetics as they offer good bath bombs and soaps for a cheaper price! Its brilliant in my opinion.
Price- £19.99

I am also sure that lush tends to bring an advent calendar out as I think they did last year however it isnt on their website so I couldnt put this on here because no price or anything.

I hope you enjoyed these beauty & health advent calendars that I managed to find, I will definitely be buying one!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Okay hi, so I asked quite recently whether you would like me to do a back to school blog series or not and most of you said yes so here goes, to start of this blog series I'm going to do (as the title blatantly says) top 10 back to school life hacks.

1) My first back to school life hack is for you to make a playlist to get ready to. The idea is that it lasts so long as in a certain amount of time so then you know when a certain song is on, you know how long you have left. When the playlist is finished, that's when you know you have to be either out of the door or ready to leave. This life hack will not only help with your timing but also would tend to motivate you to get ready.

2) Do you set an alarm for the morning to wake up? Because if so a simple but good hack is for you to put your phone away from your bed or bedside table, so that way you'll have to get up in order to turn it off/stop the alarm. By this time you should be awake enough so you're not tempted to get back into bed.

3) Another simple hack yet time saving for the morning is to organise the certain books you need for the next day on the night before. This also could work with school makeup because then, they are out of the way and you can easily go to that place in the morning to get them so you're not rushing through your makeup collection in order to find what you need or the place you keep your school exercise books.

4) Are you struggling to write an essay or paper? Well here is two life hacks to help with this problem you may be struggling with.
- If you are printing it out then go through the punctuation so full stops, commas, etc, and make them a size bigger than the writing because it wont look different but it'll make a difference to the length of your essay.
- On the other hand if you are emailing it to your teacher then this life hack is for you. Teachers tend to look at the word count when marking it so you take a bit of space from the bottom and write some random (but appropriate) words but make the colour for them white, this way your teacher wont see it but it will increase your word count. You're welcome.

5) If you are aloud your phones and as it is the start of the new school year, everyone tends to get a new timetable with maybe new rooms on or new classes especially if you're going into year 11. So because of this reason, you wouldn't really know your timetable off by heart, so don't worry I have you covered. Just take a photo of your timetable and set it as your lockscreen or background (whichever you prefer) then when you check your phone, you're actually just checking what room you're in next without looking lost because trust me I have been there.

6) Always losing pens and pencils or don't have a place to store them? If this describes you then this life hack is for you. Put them into a empty water bottle, that way they're easy to get to & find therefore you definitely will not lose them.

7) I have always been the type of person to be late to my first classes in the morning, a trick to help you if you tend to be the same type of person as me. Set your alarm clock or phone to fifteen minutes ahead, that way you will never be late, instead you will be early. I love this hack because it tends to be one that people will overthink but it is actually so helpful.

8) Instead of using the normal google search engine for your homework or just general school related things then use google scholar as this narrows the amount of searches down and brings up relevant things to your search.
9) This tip is for you girls out there. Almost every girl always seems to lose bobby pins but we never ever know where they get to, right?!? But then when it comes to PE, you don't have any because they're either all at the bottom of your bag or you just somehow managed to lose them. Yeah I understand your struggles. So a life hack from me for this is to get an empty tictac container and put them in there! As tictac containers seem to be the perfect size to keep them in. This way they're safe and secure but you can also take one out when you need.

10) Everyone has them times where you try cramming everything in when revising for a test to then come to the test and remember nothing because you was rushing. Here is a handy tip to help this problem, a life hack for this is get a new flavour of chewing gum and chew a piece when revising then when it comes to the test, chew that same flavour of gum. This is scientifically proven that you'll remember more of what you learnt. This life hack was a saviour when I was in high school. 

So that is the end of my top 10 back to school life hacks, I hope these will help you in one way or another and that you'll find them handy. Hope you enjoyed.