Sunday, 30 July 2017


If you were to ask people, 'how do you deal with stress?', everyone would probably say different things on how they cope because it's different to everyone, everyone works in a different way. However I bet there would be a few people that would draw a blank because they might not deal with it very well or maybe, not at all. If you are one of the people that would be left speechless because you can't deal well with stress, may that be exam stress or anything else, then you've come to the right place! Some of these may be simple but most people tend to overlook them.

1) Take a nice, hot bath
This first idea is one that springs to mind for most people when thinking about winding down or dealing with stress but it's also one of the ways that is easy (providing you have a bath that is). Get the hot water running, get a lush product (or some bubble bath (no one is ever too old)) and put it in or run it under the water and let the bubbles appear. Jump in and pamper yourself, maybe do a face mask or a hair mask. JUST RELAX!

2)  Read a book
If you like reading then this one is for you! Go to a book store or if you have a book you like then just grab it, get in to your comfy, cosy place and just start reading. Reading is a good thing for a quick pastime as you tend to get sucked into the book, then the time just passes by but that's why it is so good for being a way to de-stress because as you read, your mind gets taken off and away from the stress.

3) Watch your favourite movie or a few episodes of a TV series (netflix)
Though if you don't like reading and if reading isn't for you then an alternative is to watch your favourite movie or a few episodes of a TV series. This does the same as reading however, obviously, it's more visual and sound rather than reading and words. I could spend so long watching different movies or TV series on netflix, it's ridiculous how good the selection is! In my opinion, I feel like comedy and romance films/series are the best to take your mind away from stress.

4) Listen to some music
Again, this also is one of the most common ideas that would probably spring to mind, therefore I guess it helps, right? As you listen to music, you become so interested in the words which in term leads to you being distracted from your stress + you could have a bit of a dance if you're feeling energetic, that'd help even more!

5) Hanging out with friends
I feel like hanging out with friends could go either ways, it could go one way as you remember the stress and end up taking it out on your friends which could lead to an argument or it could go the other way (in which I hope it goes this way), where you all have fun and forget the stress! You could go shopping or for a meal. As long as none of your friends bring up anything related to the stress then you're fine.

I hope that at least one of these ways helps with your stress, you deserve to be stress free!


  1. I think having a bath is such an important one bc it's so nice to have a bit of relaxing time to yourself!

    Carla x

  2. Reading a book or watching a tv show is so so relaxing! I really like watching youtube videos as of recently, I feel like it really helps me relax! The same could be said about exercising. My new favorite stress reliever for sure xxx

    Melina |

  3. I can definitely agree with so many of these points! Being stressed is so awful and such an ugly feeling. But I find that sometimes, taking a bath and even sleeping just helps. Sleep helps with everything for me but giving yourself a break sometimes is so important! love this post! x

    sami //

  4. Oh I always take a bath when I'm stressed, I must waste so much water because I'm always bloody stressed!

  5. Always love these types of post, just reading them when stressed makes me feel less stressed ^^ and it's good to see what everyone does and share it to help others :)


  6. These are some amazing tips! I find that taking a bath always helps me relax so much! Binge watching Netflix too is always a bonus x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿