Thursday, 16 February 2017

Whats on my iphone 6? (2017)

Today I bring you a what's on my iPhone 6 but in 2017 so call it an updated version instead if you wish.

As my lockscreen I just have this pretty plain and simple image of the solar system? I thought it was nice so that's why. I got it from weheartit (I recommend weheartit for good lockscreen and backgrounds).

On my first page, I just have the basic apps so messages, calendar, photos, camera, videos, iTunes store, app store, facetime, settings, then I have that folder called 'extras' where it just has all the boring apps that no one really uses. I could've deleted them but knowing me, I would've probably deleted them then needed them and having no idea on how to get them back. Then I also have notes, home and weather. Then down at the bottom I have phone, safari, mail and Spotify. I have Spotify at the bottom purely for the reason because I prefer that to apple music.

Here we have my second page, I have them all (apart from the three social apps) in folders because I like my phone to have some sort of structure to it, it keeps everything organised.
In my first folder I just have it as the 'shopping' apps which in my case are just starbucks and unidays. I'm not sure why I have the starbucks app on my phone as I don't really go to starbucks, however I love their drinks. The only thing about starbucks that I aren't a fan of has to be the price, definitely. Then I love unidays because who doesn't love discounts off their favourite shops??save money then buy more??am I right?

This folder is for my 'games', other words, it's for the games that I use when I either a) get so bored that I cant even online shop b) I am on a long car drive. Either way they're so good to use and play. I have 8 ball pool (its really addictive ok?), 100 pics (again so addictive, a friend introduced me, I blame her) and word streak. I came across word streak while watching someone else's 'what's on my iPhone'.

In this folder I have the apps where I like to kind of call them social medias? However they are more of messaging apps. I have followers+ which I use or at least used to use to check my Instagram so who my unfollowers are and who blocked me, things like that. There is kik which I use just to talk to one person, I have gmail which I prefer over the actual mail app hence the reason it is there, I have weheartit which I use for inspiration and for my lockscreens/backgrounds and then last but not least in the folder I have WhatsApp, I am new to using WhatsApp but I use it because of the blogger group chat.

In this folder, I simply have apps I use for editing my Instagram photos which are pic collage, picsart, vsco, facetune, pinterest (I don't use this to edit of course but it is in this folder as it has photos) and aviary. I use pic collage for the odd time when I need to do a collage. I use picsart to flip a photo as that is the only app I have found that does that. I used to use vsco a lot for my Instagram 1) to see how my Instagram feed would look (before they spaced out all the photos) and 2) to edit them but now I don't really use vsco a lot, however other people swear by it. I use facetune for whitening white backgrounds, pinterest to search for diys and just general inspiration. Then I use aviary for editing my actual Instagram photos, it's brilliant.

Next, this folder is labelled as the question mark because it has everything in it where I don't really have another place for them, I class them as 'random' apps. I have two countdown apps, okay don't judge me, I know what you're thinking. I have two because one I have for birthdays of people and the other purely for my actual celebrations and events/holidays. I have wattpad which is good for reading little stories on, that other people write (some people on there could actually have their own book, they're that good of writers) and I have bitmoji, I downloaded this because I wanted my bitmoji for snapchat. Nothing much to say about bitmoji to be honest. I have jobtoday, I saw this app on a commercial on tv, it sounded interesting, I wanted to apply quick and easy for jobs?There isn't much to say. Then last but not least in that folder I have StumbleUpon, I saw this from someone elses blog post or a tweet down my twitter, I haven't really used it but I downloaded it because it sounded interesting. It basically sums up certain posts on the internet for you, for example: makeup or fashion.

The last folder I have is this one, I use this folder for music related apps so in here I just have soundcloud, which I hardly use, I just have this because there are actually good remixes of songs on there if you find them (I haven't yet.. oops) and also in that folder I have the capital app because I prefer the capital app over the website.

Then the last three apps I have on that second page are my three main and most used social media apps. These are Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

I hope you enjoyed this little nosey into my phone, quite frankly reading and watching 'what's on my iphone' blog posts and videos is one of my favourite things.


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