Sunday, 5 February 2017

Top three netflix series you need to start!

Hello, sorry for not posting since the beginning of last month, one of my new year goals was to post more frequently on a weekly basis but that hasn't been going to plan.. all due to my fault. This is purely down to the fact that I am behind on college work so at the moment, I seem to be getting myself so stressed, when I really shouldn't. Anyway enough rambling, time to start this actual post.

The reason why I told you that little reason in the above is because it kind of links into why I have been having so much spare time to de-stress. One of the ways I love to de-stress is by watching tv, whether this is Netflix series (which is the most often one I'm guilty of), movies or even just tv reality series. All of it helps me to relax and simmer down. In a way this has helped me because I have watched and started so many Netflix series, which has inspired this post.

1) Gossip Girl
I only started this quite recently, maybe at the beginning of January or it might've been midway? But whenever it was, gossip girl had me hooked. It's not like pretty little liars where you have to watch like the first season to get addicted, its more of an instant thing. This is because the plot lines start right away from when you first watch. However I haven't finished this yet but I'm more than halfway, I am at season four and there are six seasons. Due to the fact I was hooked, I was binge watching it pretty much everyday, some weekends it had me staying up till about 4am, crazy right? Now I have slowed down on watching it because I don't want it to end so fast.

2) Pretty little liars (pll)
This is another tv series that I ended up being obsessed with. I was late to join on the bangwagon though as I only ended up starting this at the beginning of 2016..possibly? I can't fully remember because I have watched too many Netflix series to keep track. I finished this within two months as there are seven seasons. Pretty Little Liars is a well hyped about Netflix series so I doubt I need to tell you a summary or description.

3) Scream (the tv series)
Scream isn't a tv series for the faint hearted, it has some disturbing scenes within some episodes down to the fact of the way the characters end up dying (based on scream the movie). When someone first mentioned this to me I thought they meant scream as in the movie.. I never knew there was scream the tv series? Until I came across it, that was probably due to it only had one season when I first saw it. Now it only has two seasons at the minute and they don't think there will be a season three.. well at least not on Netflix, which I have to say I am gutted about.

So there we have it, my top three Netflix series that you need to start watching, trust me you'll get hooked to them, that's a promise.


  1. I absolutely love scream it's one of my favourite Netflix seasons - it's amazing, really sad their probably isn't going to be a third season. Great recommendations x

  2. I stopped watching PLL ages ago as it just got so repetitive and was so dragged out. I need to check out Gossip Girl as it has been hyped up so much these last few years!

  3. Gossip girl is my all time fave series!! Cannot fault Chuck Bass and New York!! I've never heard of Scream but I'll look into it!!
    Kate Xx

  4. Gossip Girl & Pretty Little Liars are my favourite I can't wait for new series of PLL. It's needs to hurry. Pixie xx

  5. Pretty Little Liars is amazing! I cannot wait until the new series starts. It's amazing how close it is now,I've never really been interested in Gossip Girls, maybe I could give it a try. I'm always after new series to watch.

    Gemma |

  6. I've been meaning to find something new to watch and since I haven't seen any of these yet might give them a go, great post xx

    Sophie's Spot