Monday, 2 January 2017


Lets be that classic blogger and talk about my new years goals/resolutions because who doesn't love a post rambling on about them?
I would do them in categories but because there are only like one or a couple in each category, it'd be a bit pointless and I think it would just look better numbered so here we go.

1) Get the apprenticeship of my choice (accountant)
Okay this probably sounds quite simple for some people but it, in some ways is like getting a job. You have to go through most of the same steps in order to get that apprenticeship, especially the one I am looking to apply for.

2) Travel and experience a bit more
I love change, I love visiting new places and seeing new scenes. However I don't travel much due to not having a job or an apprenticeship but after july, i'm hoping to maybe go down to London because that's one place i've always wanted to visit. I visited once in year 6 but because it was a school trip, we had strict places to go like a tour and I kind of took it for granted but this time I wouldn't.

3) Stick with blogging
Throughout last year I was on and off with blogging because I just didn't have the time or I was stuck with writers block. This year it is going to change, this year it will be different, this year I will stick to blogging.

4) Achieve 5000 page views on my blog
At the minute I am nearly at 2500 page views so if I achieve my above goal for this year then there is a big chance I will achieve 5000.

5) Nap less, sleep more
This is something I really need to improve because at the moment, I tend to be having one-two hour naps throughout the day but then when it comes to night, I am wide awake. Oh I do wonder why.

So there are my 2017 goals, hopefully through one way or another I will achieve these.

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