Sunday, 3 July 2016

UPDATED whats on my iphone 6?

Hey, so I did a what's on my iPhone a bit ago and some things have changed with me moving apps around so I thought I would do an updated what's on my iPhone.

So I have my lockscreen:
I found this background on we heart it (which is a bit like tumblr) and I thought it was pretty so I chose this.

So I use my print to open my phone and I have the first page of three which looks like this:

Here on this page I have the basic apps which come with the phone so going left to right, messages, calendar, photos, camera, videos, iTunes store, app store, facetime, settings then the folder 'extras' which is all the boring apps that come with the phone that no one actually bothers to use then notes.

So here I have (left to right)- Compass, tips, voice memos, contacts, calculator, podcasts, watch, game center,  find iPhone. Then on the next page in the folder 'extras' there is:

Wallet, stocks, reminders, ibooks, music, find friends, health, clock and news. The last page on extras is:

Maps and weather. Now going back onto the main front page out of this folder at the bottom there is phone, safari, mail and Spotify. I keep Spotify at the bottom because I prefer it over the music app which you get with the phone.

Now onto this second page. I keep everything apart from the three apps in folders because I love being organised so.

In the first folder at the top left (going right) there is the shopping folder which has Starbucks and unidays in. Starbucks is just brilliant and I love the app because you can order the drink and pick it up from the store but wouldn't it be a miracle if starbucks delivered to homes? That'd be great. Unidays is a thing where you link up your school email to the app and you get discounts of for certain shops and websites.

This is the games folder where I have monopoly, plants vs zombies and bingo. I keep these games on my phone just incase I ever get bored and are stuck with nothing to do.

This is the folder which includes anything to do with social media which I don't use a lot, left to right there is followers+ which is an app which links up with your Instagram account to check unfollowers and all the statistics to do with your account. Then kik, blogger (which I don't use anymore, I only got that app when I didn't have my laptop). Then fling, this app is good because its like snapchat but you can choose from sending a message fling or a photo one and it goes out to random people all over the world, I think this a brilliant concept. Then we heart it, this is pretty much like tumblr but so much easier to use and work around. Then which has got more popular over the past months but I don't use it as in I don't make any musical.lys I just use the app to view other peoples's. Then gmail which I keep on my phone because I prefer this over the mail app which comes with the phone. Then yubl which I downloaded last week so I still have it on my phone.

The next folder I have is the photography folder which includes pic collage which I use if I ever need to make a collage of photos for some reason. Then aviary which I downloaded because until I got the iTunes voucher so I could get facetune, I used aviary to whiten my photos to make the background or aspects in my photos more white. Next is picsart which I use when I need to blur a photo as it has an effect for that. Then I have VSCO cam which was so much better before it updated it, before the update I used to use it for my Instagram layout because you could make sure all photos matched before I uploaded it to my Instagram. Next is afterlight which is an app I paid for and to be honest, I haven't used it since I bought it. The last app in this folder is facetune which now I use for blemishes and whitening photos.

This is the last folder I have on my phone which is a folder I keep with random apps in that I don't really know where to put, this includes two countdown apps and happy goals. I use the two countdowns apps but I don't really use the happy goals app, sad to say I wasted £2.29 for the happy goals app :( .

So back onto this page on my phone, I have the three apps that aren't in folders which are Instagram, twitter and snapchat. I keep these apps out of folders because they are the apps I use the most so in this case I have easy access to them.
And on the last page on my phone I keep just one app which is the facebook messenger app, I use this sometimes.
My homescreen background is also from we heart it and I find it inspirational so that's why its my background.

And thats it so. I hope you enjoyed being nosy around my phone because I enjoy these blog posts and when people do videos so I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


  1. Great way to organize apps! I also categorize all my apps and organize them in folders. I can't stand having a messy and packed home screen :D
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa |

    1. I find it really useful to organise them in folders, finally a fellow person who hates having a messy screen, i love it!

  2. I love how organised you are with all of your apps! Mine are all over the place! I really need to sort them out haha! 💜

    Love your background! 🌸
    Francesca X