Thursday, 27 August 2015

what's on my iPhone 6?♡

Hey,so atm I'm going to be posting a blog post nearly everyday just to fill my blog up a bit. But although I'm going to be posting everyday, the quality in each blog post isn't going to slack as each blog post (while I'm posting daily) is going to be different and not the same type of post followed by each other. 

So today (as seen by the title) is going to be a 'what's on my iPhone 6?'. I have the gold iPhone 6 and I'm so grateful to my parents as I know they aren't the cheapest phone. 

Ok so my lock screen is just one of the lock screens that come with the phone because I think it looks pretty.

Then you unlock my phone and i just have this pretty&cute background which are just pink roses. 

so starting from the top going left then to the next line at the right side, I have the basic apps so messages, calendar, photos, camera, weather, clock, maps, videos then the iTunes Store and App Store which are the necessities then health which I don't tend to use but I keep it out of a folder just because. Then FaceTime, settings and then the extras folder which has all the apps that come with the phone that I don't use so in that is...
compass, tips, voice memos, contacts, calculator, podcasts, Apple watch which is useless because I don't have an apple watch, Game Center, newsstand then 
passbook, stocks, reminders and iBooks.

On the next page is basically everything&all my main apps.
My main apps include Twitter which if you want to follow me then it's (@suggletsides),then I have feels which is such a good app (I want to do a blog post on it which would be a more in-depth description about it because it honestly deserves so much more users & recognition) btw if you want to follow me on there then it's (@idklouise), then snapchat where I don't use my snapchat story but I do actually use snapchat so if you want to add me on there, then it's (louiseevaughan), then Instagram where I'm starting to post again if you want to follow me on there then it's same as my snapchat (louiseevaughan),ill follow you back. 
This folder is just called shop👛 and the only shops/apps it has in is topshop and river island because we all get lazy and just want to online shop or when I get bored I just look at clothes,hah.
Then this folder is called games👾 which includes which is such a fun and addictive game,oh my god. Basically you just start off as a little circle/blob but you're basically mass and you grow while you eat these little things (it's hard to explain) and while you grow, you get bigger as you gain mass so then you can eat mass (other 'blobs/circles) which are smaller than you, it's really addictive okay. Then also in the games app I have fallout shelter which joe sugg tweeted about, saying it was an addictive game so obviously I had to download it to see what the 'hype' was about and I honestly love it. Plus the games come in handy when you get really bored,which we all have to admit happens all the time.

Then after the folders I have myfitnesspal which obviously says in the name is a fitness app where you can track the amount of calories you eat within your breakfast,lunch and dinner then you can also track your excerise and the amount of water you drink per day. I personally think it's a really good app for anyone that's trying to loose weight but has an ideal weight in mind.
Then next to that I have blogger which I'm using right now to type my blog posts, which having the app I think is more practical if you're out and about than taking your iMac or laptop. The only downside with using the app on your phone/iPad is that you can't do much when designing your blog. 
Next is weheartit which is like a more girly version of tumblr so you have a profile and you upload photos of whatever you want to upload,it's also like a version of instagram. The last app on my actual page is bloglovin which I use to look and follow other blogs, I actually only downloaded it today but I love it already.

And last on the bottom bar is the three main apps which come already on the bottom with the phone which are: phone, Safari, mail (sorry about the 13k+ emails, I don't delete them but I do check them daily) and last but not least is spotify which I swapped for music because I much more prefer spotify as you can create playlists and be nosy on other people's music liking,not that I do that..but you can also get albums on spotify which you would have to pay for on your normal music.

Hope you enjoyed being nosy on my phone to see what apps I have, I did this post because I like reading other people's and so yeah♡

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