Wednesday, 26 August 2015

August favourites 2015♡

August favourites 2015♡

These are all the products I've been loving throughout August&the summer holidays♡

1) red berry & jasmine scented candle from primark- oh my god, this candle smells so nice,so nice like quite a floral, sweet scent which i love in candles. It says it burns up to 28 hours which I don't actually know because I haven't tried burning it that long but I'm not really that bothered if it doesn't burn that long although the longer it lasts, the better because I love that scent,I would defiantly buy another and recommend it to a friend.

2) Rimmel London- match perfection foundation- this foundation has everything for me as it has a nice smell to it,weird but yes,it actually suits my skin tone as I'm really pale so everyone who has pale skin to buy this foundation😂(010, light porcelain), it has a pump so it's easy to get the right amount & it has quite a high SPF so it's good for summer.

3) Rimmel London lasting finish colour rush long lasting intense colour balm, in the shades 220 rumour has it (top red one) & 110 make me blush (bottom pink one), these do everything it says on the package as they last such a long time on your lips so would be perfect if you were going out, they come in a range of colours and they give a bit of a shiny finish.

4) benefit- roller lash, this is my lifesaver as it has a curved mascara wand so it lengthens your eyelashes so well, it volumises & makes it look like you have fake eyelashes on, also the mascara lasts nearly all day with maybe a top up in the middle. This is the sample size that was free in an issue of Elle magazine but I will defiantly be buying the full size.

5) garnier- intense care for body,hand&face- intensive moisturising cream, this is my go to cream as it has a thick consistency,it's a multi-purpose product & it can be used as a travel product, it's a win win situation, unfortunately im running low on this product but for sure ill be going out to get another.

6) The collection long lasting perfection concealer which is a fab product because it's again pale enough for my skin, has quite a high coverage for a concealer so any blemishes are covered, it says sixteen hour wear but personally I haven't tried using it for sixteen hours, who would?so that would be something I would try,but all in all its my favourite concealer.

7) The real techniques contour brush- I use this for blending my concealer under my eyes & on odd blemishes and it's such a good brush because it's so soft (so are all the real techniques) and it doesn't loose it's shape as in the past I've had brushes which have lost their shape after I had used them a couple of times which The Real Techniques brushes don't do,which I love.

8) Nivea pearly shine lip balm- I love this lip balm because you can use it for school as it gives a nice shimmery finish although it's sheer so it wouldn't get noticed by your teacher but you could also keep your lips nourished and have that shine to your lips. I use it everyday and it's barely gone down, there's still lots left so it could easily last me the whole year.

9) The MUA 5th birthday limited edition eyeshadow palette- this palette is defiantly one of my drugstore favourites as it has a selection of matte and shimmery eye shadows, although it has more shimmery eyeshadows than matte,i still love it. They are such beautiful shades which i could create different looks with. My most used shades are tatty, reveal, peacherine and fiery. If this was still available to buy, I would defiantly go out and get another if I ran out of it.

10) A random favourite but I've really been loving water throughout the summer holidays,not because it's been hot weather,but because I've been trying (for once) to keep my skin clear as I normally suffer with spots on my face (sounds ew) but to be honest it quite lacked my confidence. So I heard that water is supposed to help clear your skin up if you drink 2litres+ of water each day so I've been trying to keep up with that and along with my facial wash,it's made a difference. Also water flushed out your toxins so yeah,all together it's just basically a healthy drink. I next want to try fruit infused water,hm.

Hope you enjoyed my August favourites♡

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