Thursday, 27 August 2015

Review | the app 'feels'?♡

hey,so today I'll be posting two times but I just wanted to do a little blog post on the app 'feels'. All opinions are my own.

Okay so maybe a month ago (at the beginning of the summer holidays or sometime around then), I was watching Hannah Renée's vlog which was the one where she went to storms office for a photoshoot (which the app 'feels' is in partnership with) and I didn't know what this app 'feels' was,I honestly knew nothing about it,so at the end of the video she left a link at the bottom where she told in another vlog about what 'feels' is,etc. So I clicked it and I remember her saying 'it's like Instagram' 'if you're interested in modelling or have ever wished to be in that then you should check it out', which at that moment, I'm not going to lie. I knew the app was for me as that's been a thing I've always been interested in since a young age. So I just downloaded it because I thought it'd be fun and it actually is like when I first got onto it, I was like no this'll be rubbish because all the photos that I saw as soon as I went on were such good photos with high quality, so then I started feeling like 'urm' but I've now learnt it doesn't even matter about that, honestly it's such a good app because you can express yourself through your ootd and share it to people all across the world (which is so cool) plus you can also see and get inspiration for maybe your wardrobe from other people as you tag where your items that you're wearing in the photo are from. Also if you're lucky you can get scouted by storm. I would defiantly recommend this app to friends as I think this app deserves so many more users and so much more recognition for what it beholds. 

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