Saturday, 29 August 2015

back to school series | need help while studying?♡

I'm starting my back to school series with this and hopefully there will be more blog posts part of the back to school series coming soon. 
You might be thinking 'oh this is a funny time to be posting a 'tips/life hacks for studying' but you won't be saying that when it comes to June or July when you come to do your GCSE's or A-levels because trust me, these work and if one of these doesn't work for you, then keep trying the rest because one is bound to work.

1) Chew a flavour of chewing gum when revising/studying then when you come to do your test, chew the same flavour of chewing gum and it will jog your memory.

2) Leave yourself a trail, now this could be gummy bears, smarties or jelly beans and probably many more but then when you are reading, you will want to keep reading as you will get a treat. 

3) Spray a scent on your book/whatever you're revising from then when you come to write about that topic, the scent will jog your memory.

4) Use a blocker to block any distractions like social networking sites.

5) This tip is like number four but get your parents to keep your technology from you so for example: phones, tablets/iPads, laptops,etc until you've finished revising.

6) If you're like me and remember song lyrics really easily then find songs about topics you need to learn because most of the time, they're really catchy songs that are short&snappy so they'll stay in your head and when you come to a question about that topic in the test, just sing it. No one will be looking at you as they'll all be concentrating and you will get he answer right,so who's winning?

7) A really simple one but can work really well for all them visual people out there (again like me) and this works really well for like skimming notes, just right all notes in a different colour, like a rainbow! So it'll be less boring and more attractive for you to read:)

Okay so that's all my little study/revision tips, hope they help you some way or another.

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  1. These are great ideas! I've never heard of spraying a scent on text books before - but I think this could be really useful!