Friday, 4 November 2016

mini Q&A || a variety

Hello, so today I bring you a mini q&a, I say mini because I only ended up getting 7 questions, the good side to that is that it's gonna be a short & sweet blog post. I asked for questions over on my twitter.

Okay so question one that I got asked by soph is 'favourite youtuber?', this is such a hard question for me to answer as I like to watch a variety of youtubers, my sub box tends to be full 24/7. The youtubers that I am subscribed to vary in content but if I had to pick just one it would probably be Joe sugg as his videos are hilarious. They're the sort of videos that you would put on if you're feeling down because some of them would make you cry of laughter.

The next question I got was also from Soph and this was 'favourite song/album/band at the moment?', I am guessing she wants me to name my favourite of each? So my favourite song at the minute would be 'rockabye' by Clean bandit ft sean paul and anne-marie. My favourite album would probably be 'Blue Neighbourhood' by Troye Sivan, I know this album is a tiny bit old but I still love all the songs in the album and my favourite band would be little mix by far! I just adore all their songs including their new one. I'll just add favourite singer on the end of that as it'd make sense, my favourite singer has to be Justin Bieber as his songs are wicked, they just get you in a good mood.

Thirdly this question was also asked by Soph and this was 'Any recommended tv series?', this question is so easy to me because I'd recommend pretty little liars as I have been hooked to this series and I am dying for more to come out although I am gutted that it finishes in 2017. Another tv series on Netflix that I would 100% recommend would be Scream the tv series, its just brilliant, that's one word I can use to describe it, once again I am waiting for season 3 as it is being renewed.

The fourth question I received by Tom is 'favourite food?', my answer to this is pizza. The answer is always pizza. Pizza is just such a good food, like thank you to whoever created pizza, thank you to Italy for this marvellous creation.

Next question is from Lou and its 'got any drugstore makeup recommendations?' and yes, yes I do. I love drugstore makeup because 1) its cheaper and 2) makeup items from places like Superdrug and Boots hold some of the best dupes for high end products. My drugstore makeup recommendations are the nyx matte liquid lipsticks, they are just brilliant. Another drugstore makeup recommendation from me is the collection perfection long lasting 24 hour concealer because it has such good coverage like it's so good for covering those imperfections, and for only around £4, it's such a good product for how cheap it is. However I have heard things on how it can crease when using it under the eyes. I have had no faults with it though.

Another question from Simran I got was 'favourite book?' and I have two favourite books which are the girl online books by Zoe sugg (zoella), I haven't read them again in quite a bit but I just love them and I definitely cant wait until the new book 'girl online goes solo' comes out this month? I think. My next favourite book is 'all the bright places', I read this book in one go because it was one of them books that had you hooked from the start. If you loved tfios (The fault in our stars), you would love All the bright places.

The last question I got was 'favourite occasion?', this was also asked by Simran. My favourite occasion has to be Christmas! I just love everything about it, the build up to Christmas, the decorating and the food. I cant lie, I also love the presents. However my family doesn't really do much for Christmas and we don't really see much other family over the xmas season so I just like everything else.

This was all for my Q&A, I hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed writing and answering them!


  1. Enjoyed reading answers to those questions. Joe Sugg is also one of my favorite YouTubers. His videos are so funny and interesting. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. This is a cool post! I must say I look forward to Christmas also, not only for the gifts but being with family!πŸ’žπŸ’ž And the books you've mentioned in going to try it out!πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž xxx

  3. My favourite occasion is also Christmas! I just love the lights, candles, songs and the happy spirit that I feel!

    - Andreia x (

  4. Enjoyed reading this post. Have to say I loved your answers. I'm excited for Christmas too.

  5. this is such a great post! Cant relate more to pizza being the best food in the world, so amazing ❤️