Sunday, 14 February 2016

My lipstick collection

In my lipstick collection I have 10 lipsticks which are all drugstore lipsticks (superdrug/boots). I'm not sure as to why I haven't come around to buy a mac lipstick or just a highend lipstick.

I have 3 mua ones, in the shades 'Bare- Shade 14' and 'Juicy- Shade 15', them two lipsticks that I just mentioned are not matte but I have one from the matte collection in the shade 'Totally nude'. I think the matte lipsticks from mua are quite drying and the normal range are really moisturising and they just glide on.

Then I have two of the sunkissed ones which don't have shades so I cant tell you that but there will be swatches that I have done at the end so you'll be able to see what they look like. These have a bit of shine in them, one is a bronze colour and the other is a pale pink.

Next I have two of the NYX lipsticks. One is a butter lipstick in the shade 'Hubba Bubba' which is (as the title kind of suggests) a bubblegum pink. I find that this (the butter lipsticks) are buildable so if you want more colour then you can just go over it but I tend to find that it doesn't last long on the lips, it fades away quite quickly. The other NYX lipstick is a 'diamond sparkle lipstick' in the shade 'sparkling walnut' which is a bronze colour and as the name intends is very sparkly.

The next lipstick is a rimmel London one, its one from Kates collection, in the shade '01 red nose red which you can guess is a dark-ish red, definitely not my colour. I would recommend these lipsticks though as they're long lasting and add so much colour. I really want to get the nude one.

Second to last is my burberry one (well sample of it), its in the shade 'nude beige No 01' which is a sheer nude, that's why I love it. I'm tempted to save up for the full bigger product but £26 is a bit too pricey for me to invest in a lipstick.

Last is a constance carroll lipstick which is in the shade '20 Begonia' which is in the middle of red and brown, which again this lipstick I don't use much as since I'm so pale, even this could wash me out.

From left to right, NYX lipstick (sparkling), Sunkissed (bronze), Sunkissed (pale pink), Mua (Juicy), Mua (Bare), NYX (hubba bubba), Constance carroll (begonia).

From left to right- Mua matte (totally nude), Rimmel London (red nose red), Burberry (nude beige).

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