Sunday, 20 September 2015


So here are my top 12 beauty hacks that you should know but you might not,so..

1) want to look more awake?didnt get much sleep? Get a white eye pencil/eye liner and go across your water line, it makes you look so much more awake!

2) can contouring and highlighting be as easy as (1,2) 3? for contour, if you draw like a backwards 3 putting the top line on your temple, the second line just below your cheekbones and draw the bottom line underneath your jawbone, then blend it out. 
And for highlighting, if you do a 3, draw the top line above your brow, middle line above your cheekbone and the bottom line right above your jawbone, then blend it out.

3) Are you ever out of eyeliner??you can get a small brush that would be good for eye lining and just brush it across your mascara, then there! You've got your eyeliner.

4) To make any lipstick look & become matte, then you can just apply the lipstick of your choice and then put pressed powder on top, it's now matte.

5) You can use baby powder instead of dry shampoo, just use it the same.

6) Ever wanted the perfect winged eyeliner? If you place a card or you can also use tape slanted lined up from the bottom of your eye and draw your eyeliner above, it's so good!

7) Everyone has always wanted those kylie jenner lips that are so big,right? To make your lips appear bigger, put a bit of peppermint oil onto your lips before you apply your lip product and your lips will look plumped.

8) Okay this is a really well known one but really simple, no one wants to get that mascara to get messy so to stop your mascara (when doing your bottom lashes) from going onto your skin, put a piece of card or paper under your bottom lashes then apply your mascara because any unwanted mascara will go onto the paper/card.

9) Ever bought a foundation that is something like a shade or two dark?? If you put a bit of your foundation onto the back of your hand then mix a bit of moisturiser with it, it makes it lighter, but it won't drastically lighten it so don't expect to go from the darkest shade to the lightest shade. Who knew?

10) To make your bright and colourful eyeshadows look more bright and colourful then you can apply white eyeshadow underneath and it will make them appear brighter.

11) Everyone has seen photos of people with the Cupid's bow that stands out so bad (which is good), ever wanted to achieve that? So you can do an 'X' in the middle of your lips (where they go down) and do your regular lips and the top of the 'X' will create the perfect little clouds bow.

12) Okay so ombré nails always look so good in photos and always look like they've taken so much effort..when you can achieve ombré nails in..well however long it takes for your nail varnish to dry. You can just get a white sponge and put your amount of colours onto the sponge kind of overlapping each other and then print it onto your finger and BAM! You have ombré nails that look like they've taken you so much longer than what they did.

Hope you've enjoyed my top 12 beauty hacks, these are just things to do to make your beauty life a lot more easier♡

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