Monday, 31 August 2015

15 things to do when you're bored♡

1) Have a Netflix day because let's be honest, everyone loves watching a bit of Netflix.
2) If it's nice weather outside, go for a walk and get some fresh air because they can be very calming as well.

3) Paint your nails if they aren't already painted because plain nails can get boring. Even if they are already painted, why not take that off and re-paint them?

4) Have a jam to your favourite song(s) because no one is ever too bored to have a dance to tunes.

5) This would probably be such a last option but you can always tidy your room.

6) Take a bath because they're warm so you can just chill out, grab some music and relax.

7) Go shopping because everyone loves spending a bit of money and indulging themselves, treat yourself to something you like.

8) Do your makeup, I always do this when I'm bored as it stops the boredom but also makes me feel a bit confident, maybe try out a new eye palette or try a smoky eye, whatever interests you.

9) Make a wish list because there's always a time where someone will ask you what you want maybe for your birthday and you never know why you want. But if you make a wish list then you'll always have something you want, whether you treat yourself to it or someone buys it for you.

10) Go through pinterest and if you don't have pinterest then it doesn't take ten seconds to make an account.

11) Read a book, again this is a last option for some people as the thought of reading can make some people...well not the happiest.

12) Rearrange your room, maybe move some furniture around because everyone always gets bored with the same rearrangement, different is sometimes good.

13) Go through your wardrobe and try some different clothes on, sort out outfits.

14) Watch YouTube videos! I know this is something I can hardly ever get bored with doing with so many different youtubers around these days, there's bound to be one you want to watch and subscribe to.

15) Try some different hairstyles because again change can be good and you might find a new favourite hairstyle!

Hope these ideas maybe helped you from being bored, these are just some things that I sometimes do when I get bored, maybe you're the same

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